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This project came about as a result of a conversation between Laura Shields and Jon Worth. We then asked others to join us.

Laura Shields
Press & Media Trainer, Brussels. I used to be a journalist for 7 years in London, predominantly working in TV and radio at CNN, CNBC and the BBC. My criteria for judging the Commissioners-designate is based on what makes a good spokesperson. So, I will be scoring them for body language (e.g. smiling and eye-contact) and empathy, their ability to create a connection with audiences inside and outside Brussels, as well as their ability to wrap their knowledge in a good speech, using interesting language, storytelling and meaningful numbers.
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Jon Worth
Online communications trainer and blogger, Berlin. I’ll be looking at how the Commissioners choose their words, and how they explain their points. As I have followed hearings closely in the past I will also pay attention to the likelihood that they get approved.
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Andreas Müllerleile
Political analyst and blogger, Brussels
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Nick Crosby
Business and Communications consultant, Brussels. Passionately interested in EU whilst keeping my feet on the ground.

Anita Kelly
Communications consultant, Brussels. I have 20 years experience split between in-house and consultancy helping trade associations, corporations, a political party and NGOs get their messages across. With the Commissioners-designate I will be looking for use of straightforward language, examples and anecdotes, empathy and resonance with those outside of the Brussels bubble.
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Alexandre Alaphilippe
Communications consultant in Brussels, aiming to bring datas and valuable content to the public sphere.
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Alisdair Gray
Political consultant, blogger and jogger, Brussels

Rune Kier

Bob Beck

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  1. Coteanu Cristina

    Hello, congratulation for the project! I regret however, that the project does not include people with special expertise on EU affairs from the civil society. The coherence and the substance of arguments against the politically correct stance is questionable for some of the interviewed commissioners.


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