What this project is *not*

I’ve come in for some grief this afternoon for Malmström getting 7.5/10 in her hearing, because the substance of what she said caused some controversy. Tweets like this:

came my way.

Among the 8 people currently volunteering on this project we have no common ideology. Some of us may agree with TTIP, others disagree. Same for green issues, security and defence and many others. This was outlined in our original introduction.

We therefore aim to assess the Commissioners’ capacity to communicate, and the grasp of their brief, and how they come across in their hearings. That’s it.

Gripe with us if you wish. Disagree with the politics of the Commissioners by all means. But we are not trying to judge whether their policies are right.

2 thoughts on “What this project is *not*

  1. Marko

    It’s a criticism you will have difficulties avoiding, since you claim that the project is “Analysing how Juncker’s team does in their EP hearings”. You can explain at length what your project does not do, but clearly you won’t be able to defend the line that “we are not trying to judge whether their policies are right”. How can you analyse hearings without substance?

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