30.9, 0900 – Carlos Moedas (Research)

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Political Flair 7 / 10
Credibility 8 / 10
Energy 6 / 10
Warmth 7 / 10
Ability to connect with people outside Brussels 7 / 10
Likelihood of being approved by the EP 9 / 10
Overall rating 7 / 10

Carlos Moedas is relatively new to politics and to Brussels. Pity then that his opening statement sounded like a rerun of speeches we’ve already heard over lukewarm wine and crab sandwiches somewhere in Brussels. Moedas commendably started his opening statement with his life story. It fell a bit flat though – not because of his impressive journey from a disadvantaged region of Portugal – but because it was peppered with clichés that hardly resonate beyond Brussels: “unique European values”, “instruments of European solidarity”, “the European project”… He used the first five minutes of his statement to demonstrate how much he loves the EU – without a mention of the job assigned to him.

He continued with the abstract Euro jargon (“competitiveness”, “European semester”) through his description of his take on the research & innovation job ahead. Structuring his priorities into three areas was good, however. And then – at last – we saw a lift in energy as he rounded up his statement: saying he would focus on “delivery, delivery, delivery” and sounded convinced about “breaking silos”.

When it came to the questions, Moedas seemed to start getting into it. He gave concise and confident answers that were well-structured. A genuine enthusiasm started to shine through, which was conveyed in his body language, tone, an occasional smile and his citing of some concrete examples. The capability to be more compelling is there in Moedas, let’s hope he lets it break out.

Photo: CC License from Flickr – original source here.

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