30.09, 1330 – Dimitris Avramopoulos (Migration & Home Affairs)

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Political Flair 8 / 10
Credibility 8 / 10
Energy 9 / 10
Warmth 6 / 10
Ability to connect with people outside Brussels 7 / 10
Likelihood of being approved by the EP 8 / 10
Overall rating 8 / 10

With the confidence and authority of the political veteran, Dimitris Avramopoulos launched into a fast-paced, punchy opening speech. Migration & Home Affairs is a sensitive and explosive portfolio and Avramopoulos made no attempt to play it soft, using words like “exploding”, “struggling”, “threats” and “ghettos” in the first two minutes of his speech. No story-telling here: there were many issues to get through. Perhaps too many though, as it required concentrated listening to absorb them all, and Avramopoulos had to rush through the end of his speech to beat the clock.

Avramopoulos exuded confidence in his delivery (although one camera angle clearly showed a nervously bouncing leg). Despite flying through pages and pages of speaking notes, he gave the impression that this speech was his alone.

The pace slowed down for the questions: so much so that Avramopoulos complained that the clock restrictions were stressing him out. He continued to deliver answers in a confident, sometimes uncompromising, style. This was not a lighthearted delivery – but perhaps any joviality would be misplaced given the portfolio Avramopoulos faces.

Photo: CC License from Flickr – original source here.

1 thought on “30.09, 1330 – Dimitris Avramopoulos (Migration & Home Affairs)

  1. Alphast

    Unfortunately, and as slick as his speech may have been, no one should forget that Avramopoulos is a right winger of the worst sort. His vision of immigration policies is to close all borders and sink as many migrant ships as possible. He is an old school populist and a classic example of the corrupt Greek political class. A man of the past, with ideas from the past…


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