06.10, 1430 – Valdis Dombrovskis (Euro, Social Dialogue)


Political Flair 6 / 10
Credibility 7 / 10
Energy 5 / 10
Warmth 5 / 10
Ability to connect with people outside Brussels 4 / 10
Likelihood of being approved by the EP 7 / 10
Overall rating 5,5 / 10

As her fellow Vp-designate Bratusek was on the grill at the same time, attention has not been so hard on Dombrovskis hearing, one of the VP that could have a very large portfolio with euro and Social Dialogue, especially with Moscovici raising several doubts in the European Parliament. “Cooperation, democracy, jobs, growth, iron curtain, peace, european values”. In the first two minutes of his preliminary speech, Dombrovskis has already put on stage all european and Juncker-commission keywords.

Moreover, his very technocratic speech is clearly the kind that ordinary people don’t get, focusing on macro-economic, stabilization, etc. The social dialogue is only here in 3 or 4 sentences, with a very blur program. Eventually, Dombrovskis was more confident on all economic subjects, opening his arms, using his gands and less reading his briefings.

But, everything went down on any sensible questions on how he will work. For instance, on the transparency, on how the VPs and commissionners will work together, he seems very defensive. Will he represent the eurozone ? Who will take decisions on euro policies ? How the Commission will work with the Parliament ? Everytime on these subjects, Dombrowskis withdrew behind his crossed arms and the official position on the Juncker team, clearly showing he’s the “I don’t know yet but I won’t tell you” guy.

One can think that after a start in latvian and a follow up in english, the language was maybe the reason to talk with a monoton voice. But it’s not, reading his sheets with few body language and eye contact, Dombrovskis is surely a commissionar that will not bring any charism into the next Commission team.

Photo: CC License from flickr – original source here.

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