06.10, 1430 – Alenka Bratušek (Energy)


Political Flair 4 / 10
Credibility 3 / 10
Energy 4 / 10
Warmth 4 / 10
Ability to connect with people outside Brussels 4 / 10
Likelihood of being approved by the EP 5 / 10
Overall rating 4 / 10

The eyes of Brussels were on the Bratušek hearing, and she had plenty of smiles when arriving in the room. Her 12 minute opening speech was delivered soundly, relatively smoothly, although slightly breathlessly at the start. When talking about her time as Prime Minister she stated that she was used to working in high tension environment, but said that “a woman’s soft touch is needed to calm things down” – that line gained little favour with this reviewer.

On the question of her nomination she was clear and brief. Slovenia had two options, she said, either to wait for government formation in September, or put forward a list of three names to Juncker, and allow him to choose, and choose he did, she said.

Her opening statement, when it came to the specific aspects of her portfolio, was a line of sound bites one after the other, and it was impossible to work out what her own stamp would be on the policy.

As if that were not bad enough, things went downhill still further. The second question, from S&D MEP Kathleen Van Brempt MEP was about who, between her and Cañete, would set priorities in renewables and she had no answer. Concrete questions about finance (from Julie Girling), and further on renewables from Greens Turmes and Eickhout, were also not answered with any degree of conviction. She also kept on saying “at the risk of repeating myself”, and her body language became more and more defensive.

This hearing became painful to watch after just an hour. It is hard to tell what is due to Bratušek’s lack of grip of her subject, and what is due to general nerves and a general lack of communications ability. But this hearing has set a new low among the hearings so far.

Photo: CC License from flickr – original source here.

3 thoughts on “06.10, 1430 – Alenka Bratušek (Energy)

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  2. Irena

    …not much to comment … maybe she mixed English 5 p.m. tea time with this hearing …
    …we just ask her to leave, with no more talking, please..

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