02.10, 1330 – Kristalina Georgieva (Vice-President for Budget and Human Resources)

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Political Flair 8 / 10
Credibility 9 / 10
Energy 9 / 10
Warmth 8 / 10
Ability to connect with people outside Brussels 8 / 10
Likelihood of being approved by the EP 9/ 10
Overall rating 9/ 10

Here we are: the Vice-Presidents or also called supercommissionners positions are finally on the EP grill. And after numerous rumors about getting one of the EU top jobs, Kristalina Georgieva has eventually been designated for a very political portfolio : Budget and Human Resources. With a good work as Commissionner in charge of Humanitarian aid, she’s been awaited by all the Brussels Bubble.

Under pressure of 3 committees, she started with a very didactic speech, facing and being realistic of the issues but also describing a program in different time scales : what she will do in her first days at the office but also in mid-term and facing the next MFF issue. She spoke from a very citizen-oriented point of view, talking about taxpayers money, tackling fraud as waste of money and hitting EU values.

After these first 15 minutes, she’s been on the grill especially on Budget questions, but linked to all the political dimensions of the Union (Gender equality, solidarity, global warming, etc.). She always seemed very comfortable, aswering all questions without any briefing and always looking at MEPs.

She also repeated her commitment to make these issues understable for european people, insisting on credibility and transparency of the EU. For instance, she called for an evaluation on some financial innovative tools, which raises concerns over the left, and said that if something does not work, the Commission must not be afraid to cancel something instead of generalizing it. Eventually, she’s been really realistic, saying she was disappointed the MFF has been lowered, but saying that this frame will not change. She also said that it was impossible to predict all the effect of a 7 year budget framework, calling for dialogue and evaluation.

If she gets into the office and take the floor for Q&A with people, she can be one of the forefront commissionner of the Juncker team.

Photo: CC License from wikipedia – original source here.

4 thoughts on “02.10, 1330 – Kristalina Georgieva (Vice-President for Budget and Human Resources)

  1. MM

    “She speaked”?!
    You claim to be assessing communication skills only, but in doing so failed to take care to communicate properly yourself. Come on, I know that proper English isn’t very highly valued in Brussels, but still, even if we can put up with you getting all your tenses wrong and limited vocab, “she speaked” really takes the biscuit. Editor anywhere?

    1. Alexandre Post author

      Hi MM.
      I totally assume I’m not a english native speaker, and as so, I sometimes make mistakes in english.
      So, she spoke, obviously. But it does not change a word on what I wrote, right ? 🙂

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